Thursday, August 8, 2019

Reduce Swichgage® Instrument Failure Caused by High-Pressure Pulsation


A solution was recently presented to a customer who had experienced failures with their A20P (Pressure) Swichgage® instruments. The failure, related to the port plate assembly, was the result of high-pressure pulses that compromised the solder joint. When the pressure instrument exhibited characteristics of being fatigued by pulsations in excess of the maximum rated pressure, the plate skirt became fatigued. Repeated pulses resulted in the skirt separating from the solder which caused process fluids to leak into the gauge case.

Recommended Solution:

We advised our customer to install an Off-Equipment Mounting Kit (#30000213) from Enovation Controls, which is available on the MurCal web store. When they paired their gauge with our pulsation dampening off-equipment mounting kit, the pulsating pressure that caused damage to their gauge was dramatically decreased. 

Kit Includes:

One (1) Stainless Steel Panel (30050782)
Two (2) Shock Mounts with Hardware (65000149)
Two (2) Pulsation Dampeners (PD2160)

You can order an Off-Equipment Mounting Kit in MurCal's web store here.

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Recycle That Enclosure

MurCal, Inc. has been in the municipal pump control business for decades. As the older technology found in our past panels becomes obsolete, our customers look to us to provide them with the latest technology. Sometimes, this means a complete panel upgrade. Other times, the customer would like to leverage his existing components and just upgrade the heart of his system. This approach can be more efficient and earth-friendly.

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

MLC380 Panel Solution

We have been working on a panel solution for a local farm. 

They've integrated several of our MLC380 panels to control their systems.

As a gift they sent us some of their delicious crop. A five pound bag of fresh almonds! 

Now we'll enjoy a great snack as we work together integrating a Cummins ISC 425 engine panel.

Take a look at these lovelies . . .

CRE Technology Training Visit

We were excited to host Mikael from CRE Technology in France for sales and technical training on their GenSet controllers.

The focus of Mikael's presentation was their line of compact generator controllers designed primarily for power plant and standby applications. CRE controllers offer complete engine control for diesel, gasoline, and natural gas gensets, including preheating, pre-glow, ignition, and start/stop functions. Click here for more details.

CRE also manufactures a full line of battery chargers designed to supply constant voltage to the battery with a permanent connection and a maximum of efficiency.

Thank you very much Mikael and CRE Technology!

Problem Solving with MurCal

Our problem-solving skills were recently put on display when one of our customers experienced failures with their A20 Pressure and Temperature Swichgage® instruments.

Our customer, a commercial bus OEM, installed the A20 Pressure and Temperature Swichgage® instruments in an area of the engine compartment where the ambient temperature exceeded 210°F (99°C) during normal operation. The extreme temperature caused the A20 gauge's polycarbonate case, bezel and lens material to soften. The resulting loss of clamp force between the bezel and lens compromised the integrity of the seal and damaged the Swichgage® instruments.

We analyzed our customer's warranty return records and learned there was a much higher incidence of gauge failure during the hot summer months as compared to the cooler winter season. Our review of the A20 gauge's data sheet led us to advise the customer that the top end of the ambient temperature range for the A20 Series was 150°F (66°C).

We also suggested that finding a secondary location, either inside or outside the engine compartment, where the ambient temperature would not exceed 150°F (66°C) during normal operation would reduce the failure rate of their instruments.

Trombetta Training Visit

We’d like to extend a big thank you to the team from Trombetta for coming out today to train on their J1939 product line. We gained a lot of knowledge today.

No more fuss with your CAN bus!

We've got a great solution for reducing both cost and clutter on your J1939 CAN bus.

When adding devices to the CAN bus, you can eliminate multiple "Y" adapters and improve the reliability of your connections to the bus with Trombetta's new J1939 CAN Bus Splitters.

Many options are available, so there is sure to be a module that fits your needs.

MurCal sells several configurations of this cost-saving module on the MurCal web store.

Fishing with MurCal

MurCal's influence is everywhere!

On a recent vacation fishing trip we spotted two PowerView® PV780 displays, custom programmed by MurCal. 

These displays show the critical engine data for the two propulsion engines for this vessel. 

Let MurCal help with your custom needs in the marine industry.